Christian struggles to exorcise cable tangling demon

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 Jim Smith has long been experiencing the oppression caused by tangled cables.  At first he just assumed that this was bad luck and simply asked for the spiritual gift of untangling (or patience if the Holy Spirit was all out of the former) but over time his suspicions grew.

“The fact that I put them away neatly every day to find them tangled beyond hope when I return first alerted me to some spiritual force at work,” said a troubled Jim, “Paul tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood (nor cables and pockets) but against the rulers of this dark world. I think it’s no coincidence that Satan appeared as a snake like cable when tempting Adam and Eve to go wireless.”

“My first attempt was to anoint the tangled cables with oil but the demon of tangling clearly laughed at my handiwork as the cables became slippery and even more difficult to untangle than in the first place!”

“So I took a more direct approach and demanded that the tangling demon come out of the cables but to no avail.  They remained inert and tangled seemingly beyond hope.” Jim sighs.

“But I drew hope from when the disciples struggled to cast out a demon from a boy and Jesus said that this kind could only come out by prayer and fasting. So I’ve taken to fasting from listening to music using my headphones for 5 days now in the hope that this will prove to be the step of faith I need to see them delivered once and for all.”

Have you faced similar demons?  Tell us how you overcame them – so we can help Jim out.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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