Christians shocked as Nike comes clean


(Beaverton, OR) After years of avoiding the question, NIKE admits this week that they are indeed a secular company.

Christians around the world are dismayed at this devastating news. For years, Christians just expected corporations to live by the moral codes that they and the Republican Party have lived by.

Companies like NIKE wanted to sell shoes and other clothing, so they just kept their political and social views to themselves.

But recent events, such as the Colin Kaepernick ad, have exposed NIKE for what they are.

NIKE is a secular company.

This has been sending Christian Athletic Supporters to burn their NIKE shoes, clothing and other NIKE related products.

This revelation has sent shock waves across the world. Now Christians are asking what other companies might be secular: Coca-Cola, AT&T, Chuck-E-Cheese or even Disney?

At least Christians know they can count on their favorite anointed food, Chick-fil-A.

Reporter: Northworst Seminary

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