Church adds “Footprints in the Sand” to the biblical canon!

Church Life

In an extraordinary show of unity, the Pope, the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church and leaders of all major Protestant denominations issued a joint statement today, declaring that the famous footprints in the sand poem has been added to the biblical canon.

All printed and internet versions of the Bible will now contain Footprints in the Sand as a separate book in the New Testament just before Revelation. 

With the exception of the Message translation which already had this included in Paul’s letter to Timothy.

This marks the first time the canon has been expanded since the fourth century.

“There’s no doubt that Footprints is the inspired work of God and has brought hope to millions of believers around the world,” said the Pope.

“Though Footprints is anonymous its author has to be St John,” said the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch, “which is evident from its emphasis on love.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury added, “The fact that this poem has universal acceptance amongst the faithful and many search for the Footprints in the Sand Bible Verse is testament to its recognised canonicity or to people’s ignorance. One or the other.”

However, Independent Fundamental Baptist preachers decried its inclusion saying, “It’s modern language clearly shows it was never a part of the inspired King James Bible – there’s not a single ‘thou’ or ‘thee’ to be seen.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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