Church Board Disciplines Youth Pastor After Single Complaint

Church Life

Church of the Cross in Laurel Mississippi has disciplined one of its staff members after a woman interrupted the meeting to complain about the youth pastor’s leadership.

The church member, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed the youth pastor had not planned things out for the year and had not listened to her suggestions on how to do youth ministry correctly.   Furthermore, the member said lots of people felt the same way and if something wasn’t done they would leave the church.

The church followed the Biblical discipline procedure: “where there are two or three witnesses to someone’s complaint then they should treat the accused like a pagan or a tax collector” (Mt 18:15-17).

So after hearing this complaint, the board decided to put the youth pastor on probation and not give him the generous 0.1% raise they had put into the next year’s budget.

The next morning the youth pastor was informed of the situation, which he claims no one talked to him about, and was last seen staring into space with no comment.

We at the Cee suspect he was stunned by the lengths the church had gone to in order to deal with this matter in a godly way.

Reporter: Peter James

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