Churches play musical chairs with town’s Christians

Church Life

Everyone remembers the game musical chairs from their childhood parties.  The excitement of rushing to get a seat when the music stops. 

Well some churches have begun playing this game with the town’s Christians.

“It’s a fun competition to win Christians from other churches,” says Pastor Jed Thomas, “it forces us to up our game by providing better children’s work or more doughnuts or cooler worship.”

“We had a disagreement with a member at our last church,” says Lynn, “and we realised that it was time to move on.”

Jim added, “For me it was when they asked me to serve – I knew then that God’s calling was me to move churches.”

“That’s so shallow,” retorts Alice, “we heard God telling us to move on when we just weren’t getting anything from the sermons any more.”

But not everyone is happy.

“There’s nothing ‘fun’ about this game of musical chairs,” says Pastor Stevens, “Christians are taken in by these gimmicks and move churches and take their tithe with them!  How are we meant to pay for our new building now?”

Our reporter was saddened by this.  If only there was some solution to this problem…

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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