Charismatic wards off COVID-19 with Psalm 91

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A charismatic Christian shared how he successfully avoided COVID-19 infection by declaring Psalm 91 in faith over his life.

Chris Armstrong says he commanded the evil of the virus away and gave it no power to attack him: “Psalm 91 has the number 19 backwards, which is a prophetic sign that it’s for the reversal of COVID-19.”

The original Davidic psalm praises God for deliverance from pestilence and plague. “Satan stalks me like a lion, but God has plans to prosper me,” said Chris, citing many other scriptures out of context while scoffing at his neighbor’s mask from his Mercedes-Benz that he declared he would buy.

“Taking precautions like washing hands shows a lack of faith,” he added as he buckled his seatbelt. “You just have to believe that God will always keep you from every harm.”

When asked whether any scripture before Psalm 91, such as Job, might affect his viewpoint, Chris amended that “You have to really believe and not doubt what you ask for.”

“Probably everybody who’s gotten sick just didn’t trust God hard enough that they were healthy,” said Chris, who watches Joel Osteen sermon reruns during the week to help keep the faith. “But no one at my church who really believes has gotten the coronavirus. Maybe it’s God’s way of separating the goats from the sheep.”

Extra protection can be obtained by posting Bible verses out of context on social media, of course.

Reporter: Rachael Pittiglio

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