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 SARASOTA, FL – A local church goer claims to actually enjoy church greeting time.

Sorry, we should have warned you to sit down before we shocked you like that.

Yes, it’s true, Megachurch “Sunshine Faith” recently took a survey on favorite church activities and were shocked to find someone claim church greeting time as their favorite activity.

The church immediately contacted their parishioner (by email of course) for clarification:

“Yes, I look forward to greeting time during every service,” wrote Alby Arright, “It’s a great way to say hi to anyone that I didn’t get to speak to before church begins.”

Apparently, extroverts do attend church.

After the megachurch was too frightened to investigate further, we sent our intrepid reporter to get Mr. Arright to elaborate on his insistence of loving greeting time.

“Talking to people is a key way to be involved with them and their community as well as influence each other in a positive way so of course I’m in favor of it. I’m not a Christian though. Everyone at church is aware of this and says that they’re praying for me.  At least that’s what it said in the church bulletin, they just kinda whimpered when I shook their hand and asked how they were.”

So it appears that not only is talking to someone a great way to get to know them but also a key way to find out how you can support them in prayer.

We reached out to other churches to see how they pray for their people without speaking to them but have not received a response yet.

We also tried to contact church goers who do not like greeting time but for some reasons all of them were in the bathroom during greeting time and sprinted toward the parking lot following Sunday’s services.

We hope to get a response by email or maybe read something in the bulletin in due course.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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