Historic Cathedral Removes Stain Glass Windows

Church Life

In a bold move, The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion in Seattle, Washington has elected to remove all stained glass windows that have inspired worshippers for centuries.

Gone are the beauty, the majesty, the visual stories that evoked a sense of awe and reverence in those who came to pray and meditate on the great themes of the Holy Scriptures, the life of Christ, and the lives of saints who have inspired humility and Christlikeness for generations.

In their place one will find a new source of inspiration – used shipping pallets.

Each of these dirty, sliver-filled transport structures has a history all its own to create a fresh, more contemporary point of inspiration.

For example: where the stained glass Nativity scene rested for centuries, one will now find a pallet that was once used to ship bagged manure to a local garden center.

“The message is the same,” says Deacon John Smith, pointing to one of the pallets. “When we think of the Nativity, we think of the manger, and Baby Jesus surrounded by farm-type animals. We all know that farm animals defecate and produce manure. This pallet reminds us of that day in Bethlehem and the Incarnation of the Christ Child. It’s really quite beautiful, when you think about it.”

One day we may all grasp the concept that every pallet has a story to tell.

(Pictured above is the Cathedral’s worship team.)

Reporter: Dr Parson Peeves

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