K-Love Extends Playlist Rotation to Ten Songs


In a surprise announcement Thursday, K-Love CEO Mike Novak confirmed rumors that the Christian radio station will expand its rotation from the current eight to a whopping TEN songs.

“This is a new frontier for Christian music”, said Novak in the statement. “We want to be positive and we want to be encouraging. Now we can do it times ten!”

Stay-at-home mother of six, Megan Jones, doesn’t share Novak’s excitement. “Do you know how important routine is around here?” she asks as she flips a grilled cheese sandwich with a baby on her hip. “What if there’s something we’ve never heard before? It’s ridiculous…it’s just a gateway to anarchy!” Megan’s seven year-old Jansen, agrees.

“We like to play ‘how many times will Overcomer by Mandisa come on before Daddy cries’. It’s usually three. I’ll be sad if we only hear it two times now.”

Like potlucks and side-hugs, Christian radio is a staple of Christian culture in America. This makes it dangerous ground to tread on, and K-Love knows it. “Time will tell if this advanced technology will improve the positive, encouraging, K-Love experience for our listeners”, conceded Novak. “But I’m convinced and excited for this next big step. Let’s see those yahoo’s over at Air1 match this!”

Reporter: Furious Christian

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