Dear Crass: Should we really be mocking Christians like Benny Hinn?


Dear Crass,

I see a lot of people calling out Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Rachel Held Evans, and the list goes on. I don’t get it.

Shouldn’t we love these people? Do we really need to call them out as heretics on Social Media? Shouldn’t we pray for them and ask God to call them back to Himself?

I mean, half the jokes aren’t even funny. Except for a few jokes, I mean. That “Fortune Cookie or Olsteen” thing Back Row Baptist does is pretty funny.

But seriously, though, isn’t making fun of these brothers and sisters just as much of a sin?

Your friend,

Love’em All in Little Rock

Dear Love’em,

Well, Mr. No Fun!

I think you’ve come to the wrong place to be laying down such super spiritual goody two shoesiesness.

Of course, people mocking Olsteen isn’t always loving (except that fortune cookie thing, that actually is very clever of the gang at the Back Row) but it is always fun.

Similarly, picking on Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, etc. isn’t always loving but it still makes us laugh (though admittedly our standards are low).

Now 99% of us will never be able to go to this brother “privately” as Jesus instructed us, so what are we to do? 

(PS If you do have access to Creflo Dollar’s boudoir, then put in a good word for us)

Besides people who put themselves out there publicly like that and go on Larry King and say they can’t preach about sin, they’re asking to be mocked.


Besides, when Christians do it, and we suck all the funny out of the room by doing it badly, it makes it less fun for those in the world to mock them.

So, in a way, we’re protecting them. Which is quite loving, I think.

So mock away!

Just don’t mock me, because even though I’m a fictional character someone made up for your entertainment, I still might have feelings.




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