Ironman Rescues Youth Pastor

Church Life

It wasn’t a dramatic fly-in or an explosive blast from Tony Stark’s Iron man palm that rescued him, but Youth Pastor Philo Free owes a great deal to Ironman.

It was the last Wednesday night of the youth calendar and Free had poured twenty tireless minutes into preparing the final devotional. Passionately girding his weekend LARPing gear, he presented a vibrant visual demonstration of Paul’s illustration of armor from Ephesians 6, addressing each of the pieces: belt, breastplate, shoes, and down the line, concluding with the sword of the Spirit.

As he finished, he realized that no amount of Casey’s pizza could have prepared him for the blank stares and drool-mouthing staring back at him. “Man, they just didn’t get it, and I was like totally out of metaphors. I almost panicked, but then I was like “Dude! Ironman!”

With only ten minutes left to get the point across, he yanked the A/V cart from the broom closet and tossed the 2008 superhero DVD into the player. Fast forwarding and pausing where Ironman suits-up for the first time, Free painstakingly rehashed each piece of armor using Ironman as the illustration. “Oh, man, when I saw Cord and Willow smilin’ at each other, I was pretty sure they understood the gospel. I almost resorted to reading Ephesians 6 with them. Talk about a close call!”

Not all superheroes wear capes, they say.

Reporter: Furious Christian

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