Joel Osteen’s Anonymous Twitter Account Exposed

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Joel Osteen, the pastor Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas has been active on social media for many years.

Joel loves to smile and give positive messages on all of his accounts. In fact, he has been criticized for being too nice.

His image is always positive and full of hope.

No one expects Joel to ever be mean.

Oh no.

But there’s only so much niceness you can do before the pent-up frustration causes a messy incident.

One which would have serious repercussions for the mega-pastor and his smiling brand.

Fortunately, Joel Osteen discovered anonymous Twitter accounts before the pressure caused him to snap.

He joins the ranks of other pastors who have anonymous Twitter accounts to let off steam, including Lloyd Legalist, The Wrestling Pastor,  Unappreciated Pastor and we neither confirm nor deny that three of our own writers are alter-egos of pastors.

So Joel created the character, @themiffedpastor thus allowing him to rip those who criticize him, his smile, and his theology.

This account has been known to troll Paul Washer, John MacArthur, and shred those who write nasty replies to his own verified account.

His rants mainly attack those who are against his prosperity gospel, which can easily be refuted by the size of his house.

The most recent tweet was a zinger directed towards Andy Stanley blasting him for not taking the Bible seriously in his new book, Irresistible.

“Stanley has unhitched himself from the Old Testament, so Bible-believing Christians should unhitch themselves from the heretic Andy Stanley.”

(OK, maybe not that much of a zinger – but bear in mind Joel is only starting out on this journey and we need to give him a bit of grace until he fully embraces the dark side).

Our reporters discovered that the email address the was registered to an IP address at Lakewood Church.

However, both the church and Joel deny these claims and the @themiffedpastor account has since been closed.

We’re eagerly awaiting further developments on this story:

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