John Hagee releases his 2021 predictions!

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John Hagee has just released his predictions for the year 2021!

And since we can now say with 2020 hindsight that his predictions for last year ended up being 100% accurate, we urge you dear readers, to seriously consider what he has to say!

After all, no one would ever use the office of pastor to make a profit.

Prediction #1

There will be a Blood Moon on May 26, 2021 and according to Hagee, this is not a naturally occurring event but a message from Heaven, warning of a time when every sin will be met with consequences.

Yes, someone somewhere on the earth will have something bad happen to them on this date due to God’s judgement!

Prediction #2

Panic Will Be Used To Sell Things.  Hagee has claimed that liars and opportunists will use panic and fear to spread their messages, seeing as panic is a good marketing tool. I mean just look at the sales of toilet paper during the COVID lockdown.

Hagee also told us that he is definitely not this type of person.

Prediction #3

It will be a cold Winter.  “The coming winter winds will seem to blow through your clothes!” warned Hagee, “this is another part of God’s judgement on those whose love has grown cold (Mt 24:12). And this judgement will be felt more strongly in the more northerly latitudes.”

Prediction #4

Religious Holidays Will Be Resisted.  That’s right, the contempt for Christmas with people saying “Happy Holidays” instead of the Biblically correct “Merry Christmas!” will only increase in 2021! And 1/3 of Americans will forget about National Hotdog Day!

Prediction #5

Politicians Will Lose Sight Of Their Ethics.  World leaders will enter office ready to serve but after getting a taste of money and power they will become corrupt!

Critics have claimed that this happens all the time, but Hagee informed us that these critics are not anointed and so do not see the spiritual significance behind this happening in 2021!

Prediction #6

Religious Leaders Will Be Persecuted.  Those pastors who stand up for the truth that God will bless those who generous with their money will be criticised.

However, despite this, John Hagee ended his message optimistically and claimed that many people will bless these persecuted leaders financially.

If you are one of those many people, then you can give here.  All major credit cards accepted, along with checks, cash and part-exchange on toilet paper.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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