KFC “A recipe for seduction” Film to be broadcast in Churches globally

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Today, On December 13, 2020, the always awesome and never biased network Lifetime air their original movie: ‘A Recipe For Seduction’.

The movie follows the early stages of famed restaurateur Harlan Sanders’ career, who went on to form the popular food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (currently renamed to KFC to avoid the fact that Kentucky voted overwhelmingly for Trump).

However, before his success, Sanders fell victim to a vicious love triangle with his then girlfriend/another man’s fiancée.

Critics have already dubbed the film to be the best picture of 2020! The fact that they received a lifetimes supply of KFC had nothing to do with it.

In spite of being a glorified KFC commercial with minor celebrities and a trite story, ‘A Recipe For Seduction’ is scheduled to be shown in several churches on December 20.

Here at the Cee, we want you to show this movie at church as well! So dear reader, please show this list of 7 reasons to your pastor and get them to play the movie in lieu of a sermon on December 20!

  1. It’s Not Chick-Fil-A: Chick-Fil-A is no longer a conservative company so it’s time for us to worship another type of fried chicken.
  2. It Provides Diversity Training: The movie has a Mexican man playing a White southerner. What could be better at teaching diversity than that?!
  3. It teaches Song of Songs: what safer way to teach on this book of the bible than by using the love of chicken.  It’s like 50 shades of chicken instead of some other film wouldn’t know about because we’re Christians.
  4. It’s Short: A mere 15 minutes long! Your pastor’s sermons are long and boring so play the movie instead. People will thank you!
  5. It Gives An Excuse To Eat Chicken During Church: Which as Baptists know, is almost as beautiful as baptism.
  6. Lifetime Network Made It: Jesus said I have come to give you life to the full which means watching Lifetime must be what Jesus wants.
  7. Actors have ended their career by starring in this film: what better way to illustrate the sacrifice Jesus made for us than seeing people taking up their cross and destroying their credibility by starring in this mini-movie?

Disclaimer: We are not KFC or Lifetime employees but mere reporters. And we may or not be A.I. bots.

 Reporter: The lonely rogue

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