Little drummer boy thrown out of stable after Christmas solo

Church Life

“I just don’t get it,” says an exasperated Baz, “I’d only just started getting to the good part of my 20 minute drum solo when they ordered me out.”

Baz is of course referring to Mary and Joseph with their new baby Jesus.

“I mean, I’m a drummer, that’s how God made me.  So of course I’m gonna drum for God. What other kind of gift am I supposed to give?  Certainly not some stupid smelly stuff in a sharp box like those so called ‘wise’ men!”

Our reporter nods sympathetically.

“I mean it took me 20 minutes to set all my kit up!  What’s the point of that if I’m only gonna play like 30 seconds?”

Our reporter makes encouraging “uh-huh” sounds.

“And I ‘d had a shower like in the last week – unlike those dodgy looking shepherd dudes!  I wouldn’t have let any of them near my baby if I had one.”

“I just don’t get what it could be…boys LOVE drums…and I know he woulda loved my crazy cymbal crashing bit which people tell me is made for heaven and not earth!  Which is such a shame that I havta wait until then…”

“Had you tried to play for his cousin, John?” Our reporter asks.

“Wait! John the Baptist? Of course!  That explains everything!” Baz erupts.

Our reporter looks on rather confused.

“Well them Baptists don’t like drums or anything. I thought with those angel gospel choirs thems were Pentecostal…”

We last saw Baz lugging a piano towards Bethlehem…

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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