Christmas and Easter visitors surprised to get back row seats this Easter

Church Life

People who just visit Churches on Christmas and Easter were surprised by how much better the service was this Easter 2021 during the continued Coronavirus lockdown.

Usually, regular churchgoers form overnight queues to get the best seats (or keep their regular seats) during the packed Easter service which means that visitors have to sit awkwardly on the front row.  However, this year things were very different for visitors:

“I was able to have the back row all to myself,” said an awed Bob, “I can’t believe how blessed I was this year!”

Jean agrees, “This has to be the best Easter service I have ever attended.  Not only did I get a back row seat but there was no awkward greeting time, where the greeters couldn’t remember my name even though I’ve religiously attended the Christmas and Easter services for the last 10 years!”

“It was a more reflective service than usual,” said Jim, “none of that usual preaching about Jesus and stuff – just a chance for me to sit in silence and contemplate .”

“For me I love the fact that there were none of those annoying new-fangled songs or those dreary old hymns,” said Betty, “In fact I have to say there wasn’t a single song I didn’t like.”

After hearing these positive comments we contacted the pastors of the various churches visited to learn what they did:  

“I don’t understand, our church is closed because of the Coronavirus lockdown,” said one pastor, “there wasn’t anyone there at all.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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