Local church struggles to raise remaining 300k of 2 million dollar pledge to a remote village in India.

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Huntington, WV – A 2 million dollar pledge is the response of a pastor after an urge to help the small village of Kerala in India.

Questioned thoroughly by the board members thinking he might’ve actually heard Kerala, the pastor interjected, stating, “we must go to the outer reaches of the universe to preach the gospel, and Kerala is as far as we can go at this point.”

The church has spent 7 months working towards the goal and is hoping to fully reach it by the end of the year.

“The youth group is expected to raise the remaining amount” stated the youth pastor. Many of the teens in the youth group are struggling though, citing rampant poverty, corruption, drugs, and basic lack of hope in the area.

One local teen likened it to a third world country. “First we tried a hundred-dollar-a-plate dinner with a show, but only two people signed up. It’s like the community doesn’t care about that village.”

Car washes, clean up crews, chocolate eggs, and a silent auction have been some of the events these teens have put together to raise the remaining amount. “At this point, we’ve only gotten 5k in donations, which is only a drop in the bucket.”

The pledge has taken over the Church this past year, being the focal point of the Christmas service, easter sermon, and soon to be trunk-or-treat event, where kids from the community can donate their candy during Halloween.

After contacting a representative from the Kerala village and informing him of the fundraiser, he responded with bewilderment, explaining that the Kerala village has a majority of Christian people and have heard of Huntington’s plight in the news. He had stated that they were already in the works to send a dozen missionaries to the Huntington area.

Reporter: ProtestANT-Man

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