Move of God turns out to be indigestion

Church Life


Pastor Smith of Sturgeon Pentecostal Church, Kentucky had a feeling that Sunday was gonna be a good one when during the worship he felt a stirring of the Spirit in his heart.

He leapt to the podium and encouraged his flock with the words, “Don’t just sit there!  God is here amongst us!  I can feel Him here in power and He is mighty and ready to speak to His people.”

The little congregation went wild and the worship band sang their hearts out with the catchy “Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

By the time Pastor Smith came to preach the Spirit was heavy indeed.  He began his sermon with the words, “I feel the weighty presence of God pressing down on me.”

However, the weighty presence became so much that soon the pastor had to be carried off the platform to the sounds of the congregation shouting, “Hallelujah!”

The presence remained heavy on the pastor the rest of the day so that he was unable to eat.

“I feel the LORD has called me to fast during this time!” He declared to his patient wife whilst clutching at your chest.

“Are you feeling ok?” she enquired.  “Yes, yes!” He replied though she remained unconvinced.

After a day of fasting, though the presence had only increased and he felt both tense and agitated.  He phoned around the church instructing them to join him in his time of prayer and fasting as the Spirit was warning him that they must intercede for their community as a time of judgement coming.

So a special prayer meeting was called in the church sanctuary.  The church faithfully came and cried out with much travail upon the name of the LORD to save their little town.  After 4 hours, Pastor Smith’s wife suggested that a break for some cool iced water would be a good idea. 

The pastor thanked his thoughtful wife who could see that he had been struggling, bent over double, feeling the Spirit’s heartache over the manifold sins of their town. 

Kindly she offered him some “vitamin tablets” (aka PepcidAC) to take with his water to “keep his strength up” as he continued to press into the LORD in prayer.

Within 10 minutes of returning to prayer, he said to his congregation, “My fellow saints I feel the weight of the LORD has lifted.  Our faithful prayers have been heard and judgement has been averted from our beloved town.”

The Pastor returned home with his beloved wife whom he thanked for her faithful servant heart during these days of trial from the LORD.

She smiled and thanked God that He gave at least one of them the gift of discernment.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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