New Test Determines Accuracy & Relevancy of Scriptures

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Exciting theological news from Dallas Divinity School, a test to help academics and even non-academics determine whether a passage of Scripture is God-breathed and/or applicable to today’s culture.  It involves answering one simple question:

“Do I agree with this passage?”

If the answer is “yes” then you can be sure that the passage is indeed God-breathed.  Whereas if the answer is “no” then clearly it is not divinely-inspired but merely the words of man.

The test is also excellent for hermeneutics.

If you agree with the passage then clearly it is applicable to today’s culture.  Whereas if you don’t agree then it’s sure to be just a “cultural thing” and can safely be ignored.

This test is set to revolutionise the church.

Already topics as diverse as baptism, head coverings, and gifts of the Spirit suddenly are irrelevant/critical* (* delete as appropriate depending on whether you agree or disagree).

Liberal churches are now able to define Jesus and Paul’s mention of “sexual immorality” in terms of today’s morality rather than those pesky Levitical laws.

Egalitarians are able to ignore all mention of male elders and the word headship as clearly cultural and man-inspired and just look at the inspired verses about women in leadership.

“This is wonderful,” exclaimed one Christian, “I thought I had to perform a thorough exegesis before I could even begin to understand Scripture and its relevance today but this test means I know straight away what to believe and what to do!”

This test also has the added advantage of removing the need to even spell “hermeneutics” which had been troubling Christians for years.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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