Offering plate used by disciples in Acts 2 discovered

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Archaeologists have uncovered an offering plate that was believed have been used by the disciples when Peter preached in Acts chapter 2.

Most people know that over 3000 people were saved that day but little was known about the offering taken during this first tent revival.

However, fragments of a document with the plate seem to indicate that the disciples would send this and other offering plates around at least 5 times to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to contribute to the work of the Lord.

According to scholars familiar with the early church’s ministry, this money was used to fund a luxury boat to sail to cities all around the Mediterranean to share the Gospel.

Whilst the purchase may seem extravagant it is the logical choice for Peter and the disciples to have a ship that was devoted just to their schedule. 

“It is no wonder the Gospel spread so rapidly in those days,” stated Chuck Sherman an early church expert, “had they travelled by coach on merchant ships the fatigue would have affected their preaching ability.”

This tradition of passing the plate has been adopted by many pastors over the years who want to return to a more scriptural approach to funding the needs of the Gospel. 

Reporter: Northworst Seminary

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