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Tulsa, Oklahoma – In the television series, “The Office”, Steve Carell’s Michael Scott once said, “I love inside jokes. I’d love to be part of one someday.” Nobody knew that better than Pastor Lee Fredericks of Faith Assembly of God in Tulsa. That is, until recently.

“Well, it started out as a sort of prank,” says Tim Caldwell, the church’s youth pastor. “We had actual inside jokes, me and Adam – he’s the worship pastor here – and one day during a staff meeting we were going back and forth, and noticed Pastor Lee was laughing along with us.”

That’s when the inside jokes began to go too far. “I had this brilliant idea,” says Adam Little, the aforementioned worship pastor, “I told a joke with no actual punchline, and Tim starts laughing even though it isn’t funny at all, but so did Pastor Lee! He insisted it was the funniest joke he’d ever heard!”

What was the joke?

“We play a lot of World of Warcraft when we aren’t at the church working – sometimes while we are at the church and should be working, too,” begins Pastor Tim. “And Adam just goes, ‘Hey, did I tell you the joke about the Goblin and the Orc riding on a horse?’ and I fought back giggling and said he hadn’t.”

Adam then picked up where Tim, who at this point couldn’t stop giggling long enough to tell this reporter the rest of the story, “I said, ‘Well, there’s an Orc and a Goblin plucking chickens, and the orc says to the Goblin, do you think chickens ever eat pork? And the Goblin goes, LIKE A PALADIN!” at which point, as if on command, both men busted out laughing.

“I didn’t think it was funny, actually,” claims Pastor Lee, “but they kept laughing like a couple of idiots, so I thought I’d play along.”

“He said what?” both the youth pastor and worship pastor said in unison.

Tim Caldwell was able to speak first after their collective laughter ended. “No, no. He insisted he knew what paladins were and that they clearly looked like chickens!”

“He told us it was the best joke he’d ever heard!” claimed Adam Little.

Regardless, this reporter recommends you try this on that one guy at the office who always wants to be a part of the conversation. Because these two guys wouldn’t stop laughing and I’ll admit, it was pretty funny.

We did it last week to John Spencer at the water cooler and he’s still chuckling about chickens eating pork. Except, he’s the editor here, so … guess that joke is over now…

*editor – thinks how he could sabotage Crass Christian’s article to get the best revenge, but then remembers God says it is His to avenge (Rom 12:19), so asks God how He’s going to sabotage it instead*

Reporter: Crass Christian

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