Pastor’s preparation for church re-opening neglects one critical item…

Church Life

With churches re-opening, pastors have been preparing thoroughly for the return of their flocks. However, 20% of pastors neglected one important item on their first service back.

Their trousers.

Pants for our American readers.

But definitely not pants for our British readers – and apologies if we have caused any of those readers to have an ungodly image appear in their mind.

“I just don’t know how it happened,” said a distraught Pastor whose name we omit to reduce embarrassment, “I guess all those weeks of doing online services without trousers just became habit.”

“I can’t believe that all my hours of research on this sermon were ruined by my minor omission,” fumed another.

“At first I was amazed at the attention my congregation were giving me and I confess I started to think that I had really made it as a preacher,” sighed another, “then I looked down and realised my mistake. But not even my large print bible could cover this up.”

On an unrelated note, the number of pastors seeking to move churches has dramatically shot up.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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