Rob Bell’s latest book sets record for fewest words per page

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Controversial author Rob Bell is known for his arty books where







Presumably to make you



(or maybe just to






                                                                                           page count

so you think the book is a bargain.)

However, with his latest book, titled “THE” he breaks the record for the fewest number of words per page of any published book.

To be precise – it has no words, other than the title itself.

After thinking this was a printing error (rather like the Pure Flix Movie Guide) we reached out to Rob Bell’s spokesperson.

“I can confirm that is a genuine copy and reflects his deepest work yet. In this masterpiece, Rob reflects on what is left of Christianity after his ‘Love Wins’ book erases hell and his ‘What is the Bible?’ book threw out the rest of Scripture.”

OK, but why the strange title?

“Well, it’s a clever play on ‘The Bible’ but without the word ‘Bible’,” chuckled Rob Bell’s spokesperson.

Well, we can’t argue with that.

Certainly, this book has been greeted enthusiastically by evangelicals who were shocked to discover they agreed with everything Mr Bell had written.

“THE” is available from all undiscerning bookshops with a faux leather cover and hot pink bookmark ribbon at only $19.99.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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