Song stuck in your head? New study shows why.



Blooming, IN – A new study by researches at Indiana University has found why only the most annoying songs get stuck in your head.

Dr. Daniel Hoskins, lead researcher on the project stated, “When a song such as Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’ gets played on a Thursday, for instance, it gets stuck in someone’s head because it conflicts with actual, logical information.”

Other songs, such as The Proclaimer’s “I’m Gonnna Be” and the Baha Men’s only hit to date, “Who Let the Dogs Out,” top off the list.

“The Proclaimers insistence that they will “walk 500 hundred miles, and I will walk 500 hundred more just be the man who’d walk 5,000 miles to fall down at your door, is just poor math,” claims Dr. Hoskins, “500 plus 500 does not equal 5,000!”

“To date, not a single person can be found to have let the dogs out,” claims Professor James Benson, an associate on the team that completed the study. “Did you let the dogs out? Did I? Did our intern, Dustin? Nobody knows, and it’s highly irritating.”

“It’s the very incongruence of the song that causes the brain to register this anomaly and hence try to subconsciously puzzle out the meaning,” concluded Dr Rachael Berk.

Could this be the reason behind why the song “Reckless Love” is so catchy?

Reporter: Crass Christian

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