Studies show youth group students know more Star Wars characters than books of the Bible

Church Life

As a Bible study involving young people was underway at the Third Baptist Church of Springfield, the youth pastor was appalled at the biblical illiteracy of his students.

He asked an innocent question that he never would have guessed would have erupted in a violent protest led by some students with hurt feelings.

When the youth pastor kindly said, “Raise your hand if you can recite all the books of the Bible from memory,” he never imagined the backlash that would follow after the initial silence that filled the room.

Disgusted, he then asked if anyone could name at least ten Star Wars characters, at which time 23 out of the 24 students leaped from their seats with hands extended, shouting, “Ooh, ooh, pick me!” The student who did not participate was an avid Star Trek fan, therefore, he remained in his seat, thumbing through his Bible’s table of contents.

After the scene calmed down, the youth pastor then asked if the class would turn to the gospel of Luke. At that point, more chaos ensued and the class began to chant “Luke, I am you father,” over and over until the time for dismissal came. The teenage girls (and some boys) began braiding one another’s hair and putting them in buns on the sides of their head. One young man with a lot of hair even put it over his eyes and started talking like Chewbacca.

The sad state of the church today is that more teens know Star Wars trivia than they know about the Bible.

Reporter: Angry Nursery Worker

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