Woman turns the other hand after Pope slap

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In an astonishing video clip that has since gone viral we see what has been dubbed the pope slap.

The video clearly shows the pope slapping the hand of an over-eager pilgrim at the Vatican on New Year’s Eve. 

The pope has since apologised saying that he thought she was his mother and he “lost patience” but that hasn’t stopped people searching for “pope slaps woman” and “pope slaps pilgrim’s hand” as they are eager to learn how to deal with these tricky situations themselves.

These internet searches have led people to discover that the Pope had previously worked as a nightclub bouncer in his native Argentina.  The Pope has since confirmed that this was indeed the case and it was only the grace of God that prevented him from decking the woman when she first yanked him back.

The pilgrim in question has since followed Jesus’ teaching in Mat 5:39 of turning the other hand for the Pope to also slap.  The Pope has yet to take her up on this generous offer though rumours abound that he is “sorely tempted”.  Many commentators say he would have seized the chance like a shot if only he had a mother-in-law.

Given the overwhelming popularity of the Pope slap and the money Benny Hinn has made on his self-defense course, the Vatican is considering launching its own Pope approved course called “fight the good fight”.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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