Worship leader finds the fabled fourth chord

Church Life

It was just another Sunday morning at Grace Point Glory Church as ‘mad’ Matt McDecker was leading the worship.

“I was just, you know, playing the bridge the sixth, no wait, the twelfth time – cycling through the Christian trinity of chords G, C and D when my hand slipped.  I thought it was just repetitive strain injury but now I see it was divine intervention.”

Matt shudders as he recalls the scene, “I missed the G chord and….it was beautiful….I…I…,” his voice drops to a whisper, “I found the sacred fourth chord.”

The fourth chord, or sacred chord as it has become known throughout the worship community, is the chord that was believed to have been played by David to calm King Saul during his rages.  Some also believe that it was the chord that sounded from heaven when Jesus ascended and is even rumoured to have healing properties.

“Well the church went wild, it was nearly as crazy as that church whose lit worship songs resulted in third degree burns.  It was like they were given a new lease of life and a shout of praise erupted that was so loud that it nearly caused bleeding from the ears like at Decibel church in Spokane.”

Matt slumps back down as he continues the story, “I was so excited that I…I forgot what I was doing and…and…I slipped into C.” 

Tears stream down his face. 

After a the longest time, our reporter asks what happened next.

“I tried,…God knows I tried so hard to find it again….but…but..I couldn’t…”

The interview was over as Matt broke into deep sobs.

Two weeks later, Matt had been dumped from the team and checked into a trauma clinic by his band.

“I mean, he kept deliberately sabotaging songs by trying to play that chord again,” said ‘big’ Mike the bass player,“but each time it was just a mess.  We had to take action as people were just walking out and not coming back.  I mean – why did he get so obsessed?  Christians have been worshipping for centuries just fine with those three chords.”

Grace Point Glory church’s new motto?

“Worship like Jesus: the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 


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