90% of Brits didn’t take Storm Dennis seriously because of the name


Storm Dennis swept across the UK this weekend leading to major flooding and travel chaos.  Despite repeated warnings from the MET office, 90% of Brits were still unprepared for the level of devastation.

“I never expected a storm named Dennis to be dangerous. I mean, Dennis is such a pleasant sounding name,” said 80 year old Gladys who had to be rescued by the emergency services when she became trapped by flooding in her upstairs cupboard.

“Sure there were warnings,” said Gavin whose car got washed away, “but I never thought it would be that bad with a name like Storm Dennis, that felt more like the name for a light afternoon shower.  If it had been called Storm Drax, Storm Dredd or Storm Damian then of course I wouldn’t have ended up swept away by a river!”

The level of tutting and sighing from the general British populace has led the Met Office to review how it names such storms. They plan to restrict the use of names like Dennis, Douglas, Derrick and Dwight to light rain in the future.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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