QEII Renames Prince Harry an Unpronounceable Symbol


Last week, we reported how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan) announced that they would step back from everything except privilege to carve out a “progressive new role” .

After a heated meeting at Sandringham to thrash out the details, Buckingham Palace finally announced today that Queen Elizabeth has decided on Prince Harry’s final punishment for his stated desire to abandon the monarchy.

Palace spokesman Sir Archibald Leach-Tennyson Smythe announced the decision at 4:00 pm London time with the following press release:

“Hear ye, hear ye! Be it known to one and all, royal and commoner, that henceforth, Prince Harry shall now and forevermore be known as The Royal Formerly Known as Prince.”

“Furthermore, let his name be stricken from all royal documents. His name shall never be spoken again by any subject of Her Majesty’s reign. From this day forward, The Royal Formerly Known as Prince shall be referred to in all documents, papers, writings, etc. as:”

The Salty Cee reached out to *symbol* for comment, but we have not received a response to our enquiries by presstime.  Possibly because our mime of the symbol didn’t translate well over the audio message we left… 

Reporter: Jeff the Comma Head

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