Academy to only nominate non-Western films for Oscars in diversity bid


It’s that time of the year where everyone looks forward to being lectured by the rich and famous at the Oscars 2020.

However, despite the Academy claiming that they are woke they have, until this year, consistently voted for American films, apart from the token “Best International Film”

“It’s outrageous that the American Academy continues to vote for American films!” yelled one woke actor at our reporter, “I don’t work in this industry to be nominated for!”

Further, since American films contain predominantly white actors the awards have therefore reflected the inherent racism and lack of diversity that is clearly the fault of President Trump.

So this year Academy overwhelming voted to for the Korean film “Parasite” as their Best Film and from now on will only nominate non-western films for Oscars.

Director of Parasite, Bong Joon-ho was delighted and expressed this in his acceptance speech via his translator. 

Despite the non-American film being the “obvious choice” for the woke, there were still those who noted that his film featured only Korean people and thus was lacking in diversity. 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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