Alyssa Milano chanting to replace thoughts and prayers


For years people have mocked politicians using “thoughts and prayers” after every disaster in the US saying that it has little to no effect.  Well, thanks to Alyssa Milano all that is about to change.

Alyssa has encouraged her followers to create a better world through chanting rather than thoughts and prayers:

 Supporters are already seeing the change .

“It’s no coincidence that Trump was impeached just days before we all started to chant with Alyssa Milano.  Just imagine what will happen next!”

Others point to Alyssa Milano’s effective sex strike after Georgia’s “heartbeat bill” banned abortions if the foetal heartbeat can be detected:

“I’ve gone without sex since her tweet in May which has helped me to live free from that oppressive forced-pregnancy bill which is so dangerous for (post-birth) women.  I have every confidence that her chanting will take things a whole level up!” 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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