Astronaut arrested for violating stay at home order


An American astronaut Frank Lee Spacey was arrested for violating the stay-at-home orders in place in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Frank was taken in by the newly formed branch of the US military, the US Space Force, after being caught taking a space-walk outside of the International Space Station.

“We informed him that his space walk was in clear violation of the stay-at-home order,” said Major Downer, “after he did not respond, we shouted but still received no response.”

“The man was obviously hostile,” said Private Toomad, “it was only after we used our intercom system to hail him that he eventually replied and had the audacity to claim that he had done nothing wrong.”

Major Downer added, “Calibrating equipment to monitor space dust is clearly NOT as essential journey despite his claims to the contrary.  Frank is NOT a special case exempt from obeying the laws of the land.”

Only after officers threatened to put earthworms in Frank’s space suit if he did not comply changed the stand-off.

Mr. Spacey is now resting comfortably at Leavenworth prison.

We bribed a warden at Leavenworth in order to get a quote from astronaut Spacey.
“I unreservedly apologise for my actions and the effect it has had on the reputation of NASA.  I had no idea I was at risk for spreading Covid-19 while in an enclosed suit in space with not one other soul around me.”

Mr. Spacey’s attorney is confident that his client will be released from prison soon, seeing as American lawmakers are releasing more and more prisoners each day in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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