Celebrity Courageously Voices Leftist Opinion


At the recent Grammys, singer and body wash mogul Jennifer Aiden (aka JENR8) shocked fans and millions watching by finishing her acceptance speech with a progressive rant about a particular issue.

It was a bold move for the entertainer as literally everyone at the venue already held that view. As she exited the podium, the audience could be heard demonstrating disgust and disapproval with raucous cheering.

Afterwards, JENR8 was grilled by reporters backstage with such questions as, “It’s so important for us to all take a stand like you did tonight, don’t you think?”

Not backing down, Jennifer retorted, “yes.”

Her management company commented, “JENR8 is a strong, independent performer, and her viewpoints are her own – we have no control over what she might say.”

Time will tell how this controversy affects record and body wash sales.

Reporter: Brian Harvey

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