Child hospitalised after terrible New Year dad joke


Dad, John Baker is famous for his dad jokes and loves greeting his children on New Year’s Day with the hilarious, “I haven’t seen you since last year!” gag. 

The same joke he’s used since he became a dad some 12 years ago.  However, this year he levelled up his gag to say, “I haven’t seen you since last decade” to his eldest daughter.

However, this extreme level of dadness resulted in his daughter being hospitalised after she collapsed upon hearing the “joke”.

Doctor’s are not sure whether the collapsing was as a result of shock of the joke being different or just the potency of dad joke overwhelming his daughter’s nervous system.

John who is famous for his got your nose sphinx triumph was clearly deeply moved by the effect his dad joke had on his daughter:

“This is like so awesome! My jokes have never had that effect before!” said John whilst fist-punching the air. 

We at the Cee were deeply moved by how he is dealing with the trauma of his daughter’s collapse.

John deeply regrets that he won’t be around in the year 2100 to say “I haven’t seen you since last century.”  Rumours are that NATO is looking to prepare for the threat of an enemy dad unleashing this level of dad joke upon its citizens.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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