Triumph for dad in “got your nose” game


Dad John Baker has all those cool dad moves with dad jokes “Hi hungry, I’m dad!”, dad fashion, dad dance moves, dad pull my finger gags and of course the classic dad game “I’ve got your nose.”

However, on a recent holiday after playing “got your nose” and capturing all of his children’s noses and his long-suffering wife’s nose (emphasis on the long suffering) he captured the ultimate in noses: the sphinx!

Karen, the aforementioned long-suffering wife (emphasis on the long suffering) was the first to exclaim, “He actually has got its nose!” as she noticed, contrary to the usual version of the game, that the sphinx was actually missing a certain olfactory organ from its face.

Shocked that one of her husbands tricks actually looking even remotely realistic, she took this photo and submitted it to the Cee.

Our team of investigators checked the photo for any evidence of photoshop and were satisfied that the nose of the sphinx was indeed gone and the only possible explanation for this fact is the pink blob in John’s hand.

Sadly John was unable to return the nose to the sphinx and has had to have surgery to remove the nose from his hand.  But such is the smell of success.  Not that surgery has a smell.  But who cares as this article has already had its moment of glory and most people have given up reading by this point anyway.

Are you a dad?  Have you topped this “got your nose” victory – send us photographic proof and we’ll award you with ultimate dad points.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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