Democrats Add Interpretive Dancers to Joe Biden Campaign


TAMPA, FL- With Joe Biden’s growing inability to connect with voters (other than him not being Trump – which to be honest is his main selling point), the DNC added a team of interpretive dancers to translate the former Vice President’s ramblings into art.

“If the viewer doesn’t understand Joe, the dancers will explain it using their bodies,” said campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon. “Our diverse crew can communicate with many marginalized communities.”

The team of three remained behind the Vice President during his six-person rally, moving awkwardly when he spoke.

“The dance crew includes a healthy woman POC, a trans Hispanic immigrant named Justina and my personal favorite, Kyle,” O’Malley Dillon said, growing in excitement. “We’re so inclusive we even hired a white guy!”

Kyle is famed Antifa member and innovator of the Moltov Shuffle.

Three minutes into the rally, Kyle’s sneakers set off the fire alarm and sadly the Vice President was escorted back to the basement for warm soup and a nap.

Reporter: Richie Richards

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