Friends reunion 2020: Just why is friends so popular?


HBO confirmed that there would be a friends reunion 2020, as a one-off special to be aired on its HBO max streaming service which launches this coming May.

Despite finishing more than 15 years ago, Friends was Netflix’s second most popular show in 2018.

Experts remain baffled by why this is and why the friends reunion 2020 special has caused such a stir.  But after the urging of both of our subscribers, we at the Cee have taken the time to investigate this fully by emailing a couple

“Friends is popular because it represents one of my dreams of being part of a close group of friends as a young adult and then as a married adult,” said Bea N. Smallish, a Millennial whose hobbies include binge watching TV alone and trolling people on social media.

“It reminds me of when we used to sit down and watch TV together and we actually talked to the person next to us instead of just liking them on social media,” said Boomer Gomer Oldman, “It was a better time, before these youngsters became obsessed with smart phones.”

Okay Boomer.

“I like Friends because it has a diverse cast,” said T. Oaken, “Why, there was even a Black woman on the show for a few episodes!”

And while the extras on the show appeared to be all white, HBO informed us that every one of these extras identified as illegal immigrants.  

Though some of the more woke generation have criticized the show for holding outdated attitudes: “The characters are sexist and homophobic,” said Nye Eave, “I had to watch every episode at least twice to be sure!”  Whereas others have stated that it was educational and designed to be a clear example of what not to do.

However, our interns claimed they were inspired by the show because of how the characters are always able to live in New York city, travel and pay bills in spite of making barista-like wages.” 

Being kind and law-abiding citizens, we at the Cee won’t pop their bubble by telling them that the Friends often performed bank heists, which was subtly referenced every four or five episodes.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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