Homeless Anticipate Yam Season again


Over the coming weeks, food drives will receive their annual glut of canned yams and, reportedly, excitement is building among homeless populations.

The Salty Cee was able to drop in on Joanna Crumbs who runs the holiday food drive for her home church of Salcito Methodist:

“It’s shaping up to be a banner year! The drive gives everyone from our congregation a chance to reach into those nooks and crannies of their cabinets where items have been hiding out for months or even years. And, as always, it’s yam-city around here! It’s a good thing the homeless can’t get enough of it. I mean one man’s trash is another man’s…oh geez, that sounds terrible. Please don’t print that,” ended Joanna as she returned to her sorting.

It’s unclear how exactly the yams are used each year without the requisite marshmallows being donated, but presumably the homeless have learned to create their own tasty treat by combining them with Spam.

Reporter: Brian Harvey

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