Homeschoolers confirm that their lives did not change at all in 2020


Homeschooling families across the United States agreed that this year was more or less the same as any other.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has altered workplace practices, educational routines and recreational activities around the world, many homeschooling students say that social distancing practices and quarantines did not affect them.

One student in Ohio told the Salty Cee, “We’ve been able to keep socializing as much as ever—that’s why it’s best for your siblings to be your friends.”

Even students in states with the strictest quarantines reported little to no interruption.

“We’re still able to keep up all our regularly scheduled academics,” said one homeschooling couple from Michigan, showing off a line of ironing boards. Their kids did not comment; they were too busy knitting toilet paper for their joint “economics and art” class.

One stay-at-home mom noted that the pandemic did change how her neighbors viewed her work. “Everyone used to ask me if I did anything all day. Now they ask me how I ever find time to sleep.”

Many homeschoolers also reported that they did not fall ill with coronavirus or any other communicable disease in 2020. Epidemiological studies suggest that floor-length denim skirts help to prevent the spread of coronavirus, although it is unclear whether this is because viral particles cannot penetrate the fabric or if there are other correlating factors.

Reporters were not able to obtain a comment about academics from homeschooling households in Florida. “Pandemic?” said one Sunshine State student. “What pandemic?”

Reporter: Rachael Pittiglio

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