Joe Biden gains Pentecostal vote after speaking in tongues!


With this US presidential election being a “matter of life or death”, every vote counts (and some count even twice) and none more so than the Christian voter block.

With Christians are divided over which of Trump and Biden is God’s chosen vessel,  this is an opportunity that Biden can’t ignore.

Originally, Biden identified as Catholic, but relations have soured due to his support for a Psalm 137 approach to babies in the womb.

So he has been looking to gain support from other Christian denominations.  He already has the Presbyterians on his side, but whether they can still be counted as Christian is still up for debate.

Sadly, he has been unable to gain a foothold with the Baptists with pastors like John MacAthur claiming President Trump is the sure way of telling the wheat and the tares apart.

So this has left Joe with the Pentecostals.

And what better way to garner their support than to partake in their most treasured spiritual gift: speaking in tongues?

And so at his recent rally, Joe Biden bravely spoke in tongues for the first time:

But as any Pentecostal knows only too well, Biden was immediately mocked for speaking gibberish, when in fact he was exhorting God with beautiful praise.

However, like the seed that quietly grows in the ground, those with the gift of interpretation have been spreading the word amongst the Charismatic community and early indications are that members of the Assemblies of God and the Church of God in Christ are now fully convinced that he is God’s chosen vessel to make America shaba luckar mushad again.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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