Justin Trudeau ushers in more inclusive world for all peoplekind


Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is making the world a more inclusive place by changing insensitive words like “mankind” to “peoplekind”

This allows those who don’t identify as members of mankind to be included.  This simple word change also opens the door to making extra-terrestrials feel welcome too.

Prime Minister Trudeau is now on a mission to replace “man” with “people” in all other words in the English language as he believes this will lead to the world becoming a better place for people and wo-people to live.

These changes are expected to affect all aspects of society from:

  • music (as people will now be more able to enjoy the inclusive sounds of the people-dolin)
  • beauty (as nails now experience the joy of a people-icure)
  • food (as people now enjoy eating the newly named people-go)
  • relationships (as people now engage in the more liberating ro-people-ce)
  • history (as learning about the Greeks & Ro-peoples will no longer trigger people)
  • policing (crime will decrease as people experience the therapeutic effects of being re-people-ded into custody)

Whilst Prime Minister Trudeau claims that this will lead to the e-people-cipation of society, opponents claim he is people-gling the English language by people-ufacturing new words.

However, the Prime Minister is ada-people-t that such words become people-datory in the school curriculum as fast as is hu-people-ly possible.  He hopes that such education will lead to a per-people-ent change in society.

Critics claim that with so people-y changes im-people-ent, the de-people-ds placed on teachers and businesses will be un-people-geable.

Supporters of the Prime Minister say that they should get a grip and people-up.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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