Lions Say “Pride Month” Is No Big Deal


SAN DIEGO—One of the highlights of any zoo is no doubt the exhibit that features the king of the jungle. No, not Tarzan; yes, the lions.

However, with June being dubbed as “Pride Month” in recent years, we thought we would take to the streets and see what the beasts themselves are saying. After Mufasa and Scar refused to grant our correspondent an interview, we were able to finally pin down Simba for comment and he appeared to be very relaxed, even though it has been years since he has been in front of the camera.

When asked if they were threatened or the least bit perturbed that the previous administration placed a high priority on pride month, Simba replied, “Nah, lah, every month is pride month when you’re a lion!” Although the LGBTQ, in conjunction with Disney, has gained much momentum recently, the lions say that they’re not worried about a takeover and that they will always be proud to be called a “pride.”

Reporter: Angry Nursery Worker

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