Miracle at the Mall!

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A recorded miracle has occurred at Southern Hills Mall in Tulsa, OK.  Rachel Jones was praying the Prayer of Jabez that God would bless her trip to Macy’s. 

She left the house believing that God was going to give her a great parking place.  She drove around the parking lot at least 15 times and couldn’t find a parking spot any closer than 20 spaces back.  On her 21st time around she said the enemy toyed with her by leaving a spot 5 spaces back but there was a 2011 Corvette taking up 2 spaces.  There was no way her Honda Odessy would fit in there.

Then on her 39th time around, she put her blinker on for a spot 3 spaces back while waiting on the person there to leave.  However, just as she was driving to go into the spot a businessman in a 2018 BMW whipped in front stealing it. 

Rachel began to cry out to God, “Why me?” 

Rachel said the Lord told her not to be dismayed and she kept driving around.  By the 67th time, she had to go across the street and put $15 in the gas tank. 

Then from the corner of her eye, she saw a woman leaving the mall with her 8 children.  She knew this was God’s sign.  She drove back across and saw the woman and her quiver getting in their 2007 Ford Econoline.  Miraculously, they were in the first spot in the entire lot. Rachel pulled in praising God for showing favor on her.

Rachel said, “I was ready to give up, but God told me that He had a plan for my life.  I had no idea He would bless me with a parking spot in the first space.”  

She went on to say that she was not going to settle for her own plan for her life and would pray for the same miracle when she goes to Wal-Mart tomorrow.

Reporter: Northworst Seminary

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