Man Invokes Name of Trump to Complete Workout


Watertown, South Dakota – Going to the gym is always an experience for Rodney Peterson.
“Each time I hit the gym, I try to give it my all. I treat each rep like it could be my last,” Rodney
told us. And you can tell, as Rodney’s progression pictures show he has gained at least 30
pounds of muscle over the past two years, working out at least six days a week.

“I just get up every morning, drink my coffee, then head to the gym,” says Rodney. However,
last week an amazing thing happened.

“Well, I saw Rodney gettin’ ready to hit the squat rack,” states Harold Peterson, Rodney’s
brother, “and I just knew there was no way he was gonna be able to take that weight down and
put it back up. I mean, his PR [personal record] was 325 pounds and he just hit that a month
ago, but there he was, just trying to squat 400 pounds!”

Harold knew his brother was in trouble and rushed over to talk him out of attempting something
that was likely going to lead to injury. “Rodney wasn’t hearin’ it,” Harold claimed, “he said he had
the power flowing through him, and he was gonna just ‘Trump it.’”

That’s right, Rodney was invoking the name of our president in order to lift weights. Rodney
explained, “I thought if Trump can beat Hillary Clinton and turn this country around like he has,
surely just saying his name would give me the power to lift more weight than ever. I can do all
things through Trump!”

No, he can’t.

Rodney was taken to the hospital with what doctors are saying, is a herniated disc.

Reporter: Crass Christian

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