N95 face mask arrested for hate crime!


In a shocking development in the COVID-19 pandemic, a N-95 face mask has been arrested in New York City for perpetrating hate crimes.

According to police reports, the face mask repeatedly denied a virus access to the immune system of a nurse at Mount Sinai hospital. COVID-19, a Chinese citizen, filed a complaint over its treatment at the hospital.

“It was clear that this mask tried to shut me out because of my ethnic origin.  I can’t believe that in the 21st century this kind of racism exists in America,” lamented COVID, “I just wanted to multiply in a person with underlying health conditions.”

On its way to the detention center, the N95 Mask defended itself. “It’s not about race! But any time a foreign virus tries to get through me without a visa, I stand up for Constitution.”

The Mayor addressed this racially-charged issue, highlighting the need to be tolerant during this crisis:

“The actions of one rogue N-95 mask do not reflect our crumbling societal values. I want to say to viruses everywhere that you are welcome in our city.”

Reporter: Herk Driver  

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