Original sin blamed on Trump


After the recent mass shootings at Dayton and El Paso, people were quick to blame them on President Trump.  Whilst the president preferred to blame computer games and other preferred to blame mental health, theologians have been pulling their hair out at how the question of our sinful nature has been completely overlooked.

Professor Von Smartus, an eminent theologian, stated, “It’s all very well blaming it on racism but how did that happen?  And why are the computer games violent?  And what causes people to have mental health issues?  The answer is obviously when sin entered the world Adam and Eve rejected God.”

Surprisingly those in the press seized upon the professor’s statement and blamed original sin on Trump.

“It’s clear that Trump is the source of all that’s wrong in the world!” stated a rational news reader, “The serpent in Genesis 3 can refer to none other.”

Some people pointed out that these events occurred way before Trump was even born.  However, they quickly retracted their statement after they were inundated by death threats.  Those who made the threats blamed them on Trump causing their sinful state and therefore they were not responsible for their actions.

In other news, there has been a dramatic rise in prisoners requesting retrials now that new information has come to light.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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