Mass shooting allows everyone to promote preferred narrative


The recent El Paso shooting and Dayton shooting in one 24 hour period have allowed everyone, regardless of their political leanings or moral/religious beliefs to be able to use it to promote their own narrative.

Those on the left were delighted that the El Paso shooter was a white nationalist as they can condemn white nationalism and racism.

Those on the right were delighted that the Dayton shooter was a leftist as they can condemn socialism.

Atheists were delighted that they could, once again, condemn thoughts and prayers as meaningless.

Those advocating for gun control could condemn the NRA and Mitch McConnell.

Those advocating toxic masculinity could condemn men for their violent ways.

Those opposing gun control could say that it didn’t work for the deaths in Chicago and condemn those proposing gun control.

Those opposing Trump could condemn him for inspiring such attacks.

A spokesperson for one of these interest groups said, “This has been a momentous day for promoting our narrative and condemning those who oppose it.  We have clearly shown our moral superiority by using the tragedy to advance our agenda.  We stand with all those who have suffered as long as it can be used to further our aims.”

A spokesperson for hell added, “Today has shown that our campaign to get people to blame others for hate filled deaths rather than look at how they are promoting hatred of their opponents has been a resounding success.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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