Reader confuses Babylon Bee clickbait ad for satirical article


It wasn’t long after Adam 4d sold the Babylon Bee that it began introducing heavy advertising on its site.  I mean satire is big business now (or so we’ve been told).

And where would advertising be without the glory of those classic clickbait links at the bottom of the article?

I mean who doesn’t want to read a cute story about bear cubs as God made them?  Or learn what some Hollywood actor is doing because that ain’t gossip it’s “becoming more informed” which helps us with our prayer life?  And of course we want to learn about how to become rich because Jesus was all over that kind of blessing in our lives.

But what could go wrong?

Well, one reader had this to say, “I read the article on becoming rich but despite installing the Tesler software on their machine like I was instructed all that happened was that my bank account got emptied out.  At first, I thought, ‘funny trick’ but after a couple of days of going hungry I confess I had a sense of humour failure.  I guess I just don’t get this ‘modern’ satire anymore.”

Another reader received 100 pairs of knock-off Ray-Bans after clicking on a spam link, “I guess the joke is that I’ll never be able to wear them all at the same time,” she mused, “but I would say that it was more surreal than satirical humour…”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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