Revival breaks out at In N Out after man reads bible verse


What started as a normal meal at his local In N Out burger restaurant turned into something that John Smith could never have imagined.

“I had just finished my drink when I noticed some writing on the bottom of the cup.”

John’s face begins to light up as he continued, “Well it said John 3:16 and my name is John and my birthday is March 16. I was so surprised that I guess I said ‘John 3:16 is me!’ out loud. And well then there was a round of applause and some folk came around and offered to pray with me. I was so excited that I just said ‘sure!'”

Bob Clark was the manager at In N Out that day. He told us, “We saw a young man shout out under the weight of conviction of the printed verse on our cup and we started hollering, cheering and clapping the good Lord. Then a whole bunch of us offered to pray the young man through the sinners prayer.”

“I wasn’t quite sure what was going on,” said John, “but they all seemed like nice folk that I just repeated the phrases they gave me thinking it was some kind of birthday blessing. The extra food they gave me as a special birthday treat sure was great!”

“Well we were all so excited about that young man coming to the Lord that we just had to celebrate and gave him a special bonus!” recalled Bob, “Then suddenly people all over the place started yelling out ‘me too!’ as they too wanted to get saved and we gave them all a celebratory meal just as soon as we finished prayin’ ’em into the Kingdom.”

John finished, “Sure was a beautiful day. They said something about church but that didn’t make any sense to me as there ain’t no burgers served there. But like I said, they seemed like good folk so I didn’t wanna upset them too much by pointing that out.”

Bob glowed, “Well we invited them all along on Sunday’s to join us at Church and I just know the pastor is going to be so amazed when all these new Christians join us. Who’d have thought that our lil’ bible verses could’ve started a revival?”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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