Satirical website breaks new year’s resolutions in first article


 Well 2019 was not a good start for the satirical website, the Salty Cee (that’s us, in case you were confused).

After making a 2019 New Year’s resolution of writing funnier posts, their first post (that’s this one, in case you’re confused) broke it.

I mean this post has a great clickbait title but has little to no substance. 

Certainly nothing that could be construed as funny, other than their spelling of humour. 

But that’s more of a funny peculiar rather than a funny haha.

If this is the first post of the year then it really does not bode well for the rest does it?

I mean anyone would think that they were up late last night celebrating the New Year and then woke up the following morning (that’s today, in case you’re confused) realising that they hadn’t actually written a post and then spent ten minutes trying to think of something funny about new year’s resolutions.

It appears some satirical websites just don’t take it seriously (but not writing serious articles, in case you’re confused) enough.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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